REFUGE makes disciples by creating radical, life-changing community.


REFUGE strives to create radical, life-changing community through a Large, Medium, and Small group system. When followers of Jesus do life together in these groups, discipleship is sure to happen.


  • Our Large Group consists of our Sunday Morning gathering where we provide an environment for encountering Jesus through fellowship, prayer, song, and message.
  • The Medium Group is broken into two types of communities. The first is Service Teams. These are groups of 10-20 people that make REFUGE happen on Sunday mornings (i.e., music team, kids ministry team, media team, load in/load out team, etc.) The second medium group is Group Linx. This is how newcomers get connected from Large and Medium groups into the Small Group. Group Linx takes place every other month on a Sunday night and on two Sunday mornings each calendar year.
  • The Small Group is where we feel true discipleship happens. A small group is made up of ideally 8-12 people that meet weekly in homes, coffee shops, businesses and restaurants to study the Bible and build relationships. Through transparency, authenticity, accountability, and the work of the Holy Spirit, the small group provides an environment suitable for spiritual growth.