Missional Community Announcements: 



Refuge's Irmo Missional Community had a powerful prayer time at H. E. Corley Elementary School.


Refuge's Irmo Missional Community putting some work planting flowers at H. E. Corley Elementary. Plants are in and look good!

Irmo MC Collage


Refuge's Downtown Missional Community is working to serve the people and families of the Gonzales Gardens neighborhood in Downtown Columbia. These are some pictures we took from our Kid's Day and our Back to School Celebration!

Kid's Day-

Kids Day Collage

Back to School Celebration-


Downtown MC's Back to School Celebration for Gonzales Gardens– Image 1 of 7


Refuge's Downtown Missional Community has built a relationship with a group in Downtown Columbia who work very closely with the Homeless. The group schedules Refuge Church to feed the homeless living downtown on their calendar and we love having this opportunity.




Here are some pictures from the Chapin MC's Kid's Fun Day!


Chapin MC Kid's Fun Day– Image 1 of 32


These are just a few ways our MCs are serving our Communities in Irmo, Chapin and Downtown Columbia. If you would like to be involved in serving alngside of us, or would like more information about our Missional Communities, please contact us at